"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver."
--Maya Angelou


Make a difference in the life of a child today!
The need is so great that any amount donated makes a big difference.  From pennies to dollars your contribution means everything to our misssion and can greatly improve the quality of life of our children."


Make checks payable to:
Help Hayti, PO Box 1162, New York, NY 10025


With a pledge of only $360.00, you will allow one child to go to school, receive two meals a day, books, materials, etc for one year. From pennies to dollars, any amount helps!
Please consider a recurring donation. The consistent support of recurring giving, at any level, provides HELP HAYTI with a secure funding stream to explore new programs!

Giving Option
Your donation is managed by our nonprofit partner United Charitable Programs, which then grants 97% of the funds to our organization. Please consider adding a 3% grant toUnited Charitable Programs so 100% of your donation amount goes to us.

Donate 100% to Charity - Add the 3% so that 100% of the donation goes to Help Hayti
Donate 97% to Charity - Deduct the 3% so that 97% of the donation goes to Help Hayti


imageYou can make a difference in Haiti today with your gift. A $10 gift will provide desperately needed galoshes and ponchos to one student. A $50 gift will keep a family of "five alive" for a month! We need your recurring gift, at any level for the next 24 months. The problems of Haiti are solvable, but it takes your help ... and action. Thank you for your help, hope and love for these good people.

There are 150 students in a four-room coed school. They range in age from 5 to 18 years old. Many of the student body make a 2-hour round trip journey on foot to get to school at 8:00 a.m each day.

This lists provides info we need for the children. $360 annually per child.

Breakfast and Lunch: $210.00 @ $5 a week for 42 weeks

$65 per uninform

Please be aware that the area where the school is located suffered major catastrophe about 5 years ago and 3,000 persons perished due to flood.

The galoshes are for the students to wear during the rainy season because the land is eroded and mudslides are a common occurrence.

Uniform--------------------- $10

SCHOOL SUPPLIES-------------$25
Materials for the Arts and Physical Education


imageHow to Sponor a Child

Coming Soon




The Only Way

To the memory of Jacques Roumain
By Paul Laraque


you tell me freedom
I see cooperatives and plows
factories and union workers
running water in the fields
the streets for the people
schools for our children

I see a city reaching out to a village
an arm naked as a face
one by one
countrysides are lighting up
creating a necklace of light
in the country Jean-Jacques has given us

the Pont-Rouge leads to Peralte's cross
the Party takes on the bloody heritage
Haiti is urging our age in the hard fight
o my old enemies
the seeds from your days are numbered
our just demands are growing like flower spikes

I salute you Mayakovsky
my song was but one cry
if a woman's heart is lightened
the spirit will shatter mystery's chains
her eyes are the color of wheat
her flesh summer's heat

I've found love again without any vertigo
it soars tall like a stem
ripping shadows that assail us
when the sun of desire shines at last
my name gushes from your depths
as happiness can keep the windows closed

I tell you freedom
and it's a word of peace
it's a word like tractor dam fertilizer
I'm taking you by the hand to the sources of life
here are the people the masses assembled
for a harvest of morning dew